Lunchtime Concert – June 2019

Maria Beazley

Music from France

Charmouth residents Maria Beazley and Liz Sansom, together with Jane Gibson from Axminster, entertained some 78 people on 25th June when Changing Spaces held the third Lunchtime Concert in the 2019 season at St Andrew’s in Charmouth.

At the start of the concert Maria paid tribute to Robert Coleridge who died unexpectedly at the end of last year. He had entertained the Lunchtime Concert audience in June 2018 as part of the programme of Russian music. He then returned in September to play duets with Jane and received his first ever standing ovation – an event of which he was very proud.

This concert comprised a variety of French music. Maria sang with Jane accompanying her and Liz played the violin to Jane’s accompaniment. At times all three performers combined their talents. Their performances resulted in a standing ovation at the end of the concert – the second achieved by the performers at a Lunchtime Concert with 12 months!

The audience clearly loved the concert, and some said that the sensitivity with which some of the numbers were performed had almost reduced them to tears. Other regular visitors remarked that, in their opinion, this concert had been one of the best of the Lunchtime Concerts they had attended. Let us hope we can keep up the standard with future concerts.

Maria, Jane and Liz generously donated their time free of charge in support of the Changing Spaces project which raises funds for the benefit of St Andrew’s. Donations amounted to £296 and, on this occasion, £150 will be donated to the British Heart Foundation in memory of Robert Coleridge.

Roger Sansom
June 2019