Furnishings, equipment and services.

  • The fixed pews are to be removed, some of which a Faculty has been obtained.
  • Replacement by alternative seating by way of loose, stackable chairs.
  • Toddlers soft play equipment.
  • Outdoor furniture and lighting.
  • Tall mast flagpole plus flag.
  • Heritage-themed outdoor children’s play equipment (designed and fabricated by local designers).
  • Outdoor interpretation panels.
  • Mobile lighting and sound system for theatre and concert events.
  • Lightweight demountable stage.
  • Creation and fit-out of a compact kitchen.
  • Exhibition display and lighting.
  • Perspex fossil display cases on mobile plinths
  • Flip-top tables for refreshment, workshop and classroom uses.
  • Development of a website and mobile applications as part of an integrated IT provision.

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