Fund Raising

Throughout the year a number of events will be planned for the joint purposes of making more people aware of the variety of activities that the Charmouth Changing Spaces (CCS) plan to introduce.

Some activities will be free of charge but with donations invited. Others will be ticket-only events where after payment of essential expenses the surplus will be used in support of CCS.

Neil Mattingly, our local historian, has produced a 95 page, full colour, illustrated history of the church and the families of Charmouth: ‘Charmouth Its Church and Its People’. He has generously donated all proceeds from this book to the Charmouth Changing Spaces project.

The book is available at a price of £9.99 (plus postage if relevant), and can be obtained from the church or from any of the Charmouth Changing Spaces Committee. Contact us for more details if you are interested in buying a copy.