Erskine Muton

In February 2017 St Andrew’s received a grant of £370,000 from the Erskine Muton Trust to be put towards the refurbishment of our church.

The Erskine Muton Trust Fund was established from a bequest from Mrs Nadia Muton, a member of a Russian family which fled from their estate in eastern Russia during the 1918-19 Russian Revolution.

Mrs Muton was born in Vladivostok and, as a child, lived on her family’s estate there. Fearing for the family’s safety her parents paid off the estate staff and took Nadia and her sister, and what they could carry, and walked to China.

Nadia later spoke of seeing churches being destroyed by the Communists as the family made their long journey and she resolved that she would leave money for the upkeep of churches in Dorset so that they never became derelict through lack of care.

Nadia eventually retired to west Dorset with her late husband Erskine Muton. They had no children and the great majority of her estate was bequeathed to form the Trust from which we have benefitted.