Uses for the churchyard

The churchyard is currently seen as the space between street and church – a space to be got through to get into the church. The new concept envisages the space as a place, just as special as the interior of the church; a village green for Charmouth, equipped to accommodate changing activities – providing:

  • A quiet space to relax with views out to The Street
  • An outdoor coffee area
  • A heritage garden where the outdoor memorials and historic events of Charmouth are interpreted
  • Outdoor sculpture exhibition
  • Outdoor music
  •  Space for outdoor craft, food or plant stalls
  •  A warm, secluded sun-trap of a play space on the south side of the church for parents and toddlers
  • A wildflower area for bees, butterflies, and people
  • We are seeking to make the churchyard a pedestrian route into the village heritage trail, making the village car park just two minutes walk.
  • The churchyard will certainly become an important stopping / refreshment /information discovery point along the village heritage trail which will link the village shopping street with the coast.
  • For the visitor coming up The Street from the east, the churchyard will be heralded by a strategically located large flagpole and flag – an eye-catcher visible from the bottom end of The Street – to signify there is something special at the top. The flagpole there at the moment is not big enough to make any impact.
  • We are seeking to lower a portion of churchyard wall at the entrance near the flagpole, to open up views into the churchyard and of the church, and to provide opportunity to sit on the wall and watch the world go by.
  • We will be raising the canopy of the Yew trees from 3 metres clearance to 6 metres clearance to further open up the view of the church from The Street,and The Street from the church.

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