The Essence of the Place

A huge and impressive building with wonderful stained glass and a strong sense of Victorian confidence and civic pride. When it replaced the medieval church on the same site, sculpture, the font and memorials were thoughtfully transferred to the new building, and so it became a treasure trove of history and legend going back to the origin of the village. There is no other ‘civic space’ where the village can meet.

The lofty nave is 15 metres (50ft) high and accommodates a congregation / audience of 200 at ground level and 60 people on the balcony. Exposed timbers and metal ties demonstrate an enthusiasm for new geometry, where large spans are achieved with minimal-sized members – the Industrial Revolution had arrived! Slender graceful columns, and large areas of window contrast with the solidity of a stone floor.

What we have is a beautiful meeting place / marketplace. The churchyard is more ancient and goes back to a medieval world. The surrounding stone wall is separately listed, and there are mature Yews. This green space is crying out to be a place in itself where people stop and stay, not just somewhere to hurry past or through, or even worse, to be perceived as a barrier to access.

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