Uses for the church

While the future will unfold in its own way, widespread discussion has identified a number of core types of accommodation / use within the church which are a direct response to the needs analysis:

  • Use as a church
  • Configuration as a performance space (including music and theatre in theround)
  • A permanent exhibition on Charmouth, its church and its people
  • Changing exhibitions focusing upon different themes – such as heritage and conservation, and local arts and crafts. Whilst there will be a permanent exhibition on the heritage of Charmouth, there are any other separate elements (such as the silver held by the church), and the individuals associated with the church merit a separate cameo exposition (cross-linked to poetry, talks, music, drama, tours, fruits of new research, involvement of professional historians / museums across the region, etc.)
  • Fossil displays in perspex cases on mobile plinths
  • Farmers market
  • Workshops
  • Tourist information
  • Restoration, interpretation and chronological arrangement of memorials inside the church
  • Teaching space (temporary classroom)

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