Summary of Needs

The Charmouth Neighbourhood Plan 2017 (CNP 2017) identified needs as summarised here:

  • The need in Charmouth for more local community provision as a village which suffers from rural isolation, diminishing public transport, and diminishing local authority input (Government Indices of Deprivation).
  • There is a hunger for a stronger cultural and heritage programme from residents and visitors alike (CNP 2017).
  • A wish for greater support for tourism as a critical aspect in the health of the village (CNP 2017).
  • A need for more options for informal eating out – such as a coffee shop (CNP 2017).
  • The need for space for arts and crafts activities (CNP 2017).
  • The need for a permanent showcase for the history of Charmouth, its people  and its church (CNP 2017).
  • The need for more interpretation of the Jurassic Coast (CNP 2017).
  • The need for nursery provision (CNP 2017).
  • The need for a permanent showcase celebrating the creative talents of residents (CNP 2017).
  • The need for stronger links between the school and youth groups (CNP 2017).
  • The commercial need for stronger identity at the retail heart of the village (CNP2017).
  • The need for repairs to the fabric and memorials of the church and churchyard and for a new heating system within the church. The church currently has to rely on booster heating which makes an intolerable noise, particularly for people with hearing difficulties.

Some, but not all of these needs, may be addressed when the  Charmouth Changing Spaces project is implemented in it entirety.

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